About us

Natural and healthy snack

Our job became our stimulus. We create a new flavor combinations with passion. We love our job.

Active people are often suffering from lack of time. They are late for school or business meeting, and they don’t have time for snack break. And then come our time! Fruit bar time! Our products are suitable choice. The hunger never reach you – thanks to us you have fruits in the pocket!


Our maingoal is to produce the products with the best quality. Thus, we always make sure that our ingredients are dainty and have the best quality.

The production process is controlled very carefully, since we control and taste all fruits and berries, to ensure that you get the only the best and qualified ingredients.

We are proud owners of IFS certification.

Just fruits

Free from preservatives, no additional sugars, gluten free, no flavor enhancers.

Vegan, vegetarian.