Advent Calendars

Christmas is not just about chocolate!

Our Calendars with fruit bars are simply proof.



Better snack for your kids doesn't exist!

Only fruits - this is our strong power!

The power of fruits!


NEW vegetable bars!

Once you taste our vegetable fruit bars

and will never want anything else!

Dr.Light Fruit

What's new? Dr.Light Fruit

with natural prebiotics and probiotics!

..and what is mean for you?

Low calories and sugar!

WOW Fruit

Our NEW line full of fruits!

You can taste favourite flavors:

cherry, cacao and citrus.

We create new products with passion, which are not only very delicious but very salubrios. Our fruit bars would be able to satisfy hunger and saturate with energy. With our product the hunger would never reach you - thanks to our fruits in the pocket!

Fruit bars are basically made with dried apricots, grapes and apples, which are 100% real fruit that merely does not contain water.

And the last important thing - we are proud owners of IFS certification. We have Vegan and Kosher certifikates as well.