The production process

Transparently clean and fragrant production of

Dr.Light Fruit bars

A path from nature to a soft, juicy bar
Quality dried fruit is the basis of any of their product. It results in a naturally clean product that does not contain any added colorants, aromas or other artificial elements. Dried fruit is the best source of nutrients.

All of the fruit is grown without the utilization of genetically modified organisms and chemical stimulants. It grows and ripens in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other southern countries, where the soil is saturated with sunrays! There it can fully ripen and become sweet.

After a careful harvest the ripe fruit is cleaned, cut and naturally dried so that the final product maintains the balance of its valuable nutrients and components beneficial to health. Frozen berries harvested in Siberia and Altai are used in bar production.

Using this revolutionary method, freeze drying, allows maintaining the natural taste and aroma, but also the maximum possible content of vitamins and energy. Another great and juicy component in Dr.Light Fruit bars are concentrated fruit (e.g. strawberry) juices. It is an excellent, liquid and aromatic stockpile of vitamins and minerals, which ads the right tough to the bars and which is full of taste and with no chemical colorants and aromas.

The production process starts with harvesting, cleaning and preparation of dried fruit. Look closely at the path:

  • screening, filtering and monitoring of quality, fruit passes a magnetic separator
  • diligent manual cleaning

Only the fruit of the required quality is then passed into the next phase of the production process!

FRUIT BULK is then created. Chopped and minced fruit is supplemented by juices, concentrates, candied fruit or freeze dried berries. The mixture is then pressed into bars, which are then carefully dried. This stage is taking place in low-heat driers that guarantees optimal humidity of the product and also its usability after a longer storage period and naturally retains high nutritional values, taste and aroma.

Dried bars are then forwarded to a packaging line, where each is packed in a separate package. Package is fitted with basic information on the energy content of each Dr.Light Fruit fruit bar. The cherry on top is the appearance of the package, which is designed with love and respect by our designers.

Strict quality control, certified technologies and a desire to make our customers happy by means of a tasty, useful and very valuable product allows us to bring it to the Czech market.

Corresponds to international standards of healthy nutrition and you can thus be sure that every Dr. Light Fruit bar brings a piece of clean nature to your hands.