Fruit bars Dr.Light Fruit

Fruit bars

Wake up the power in you and enjoy it to the maximum!

Today we’re offering to you a natural healthy snack ideal pick-me-up ready to satisfy your hunger, nutritions source of the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

We’re presenting you healthy fruit bars DR. LIGHT FRUIT!

Lots of fruit and berries!

  • the basic content of the bars is dried apricots and other dried fruits as grapes, apples, which are 100% real fruit that merely  does not contain water. Vitamins, fiber, pectin and precious trace elements, such as calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium are preserved in our bars in large quantities.
  • Bars are different in containing a lot of dried fruit – more than 85% of fruits,
  • bars get their juiciness from frozen berries and natural juice concentrates.

A source of “smart” Saccharides!

  • Saccharides are the basic source of energy for the human organism, fulfil the irreplaceable function of digestive regulation, prevent muscular and nervous system dysfunction,
  • sugar contained in dry fruit does not have anything in common with regular white sugar, which the endocrinologists named the white death,
  • fructose is the basic Saccharide in fruit and berries and delivers the organism with more balanced energy suiting its needs. That is why it is recommended to be used when the organism needs to accustom to physical or emotional strain.

2Lines of fruit bars to satisfy all taste and desires!

  • retail line
  • pharma line with additional

The collection of fruit bars contains following distinct flavours: cranberry and raspberry, apple and banana, blueberries, sea buckhorn, fruit mix. Everyone will find a bar to suit his or her taste. Do not hesitate and try it!