Team member: I know what I’m eating and drinking!

Pharmind Corporation team member: I know what I’m eating and drinking!

Better client orientation through our offer.

The main criterion is QUALITY.

Pharmind Corporation products were included in the initiative I know, what I’m drinking. Strict inclusion criteria in this food database mainly emphasize quality nutritional values according to latest scientific knowledge. Recommended products are thus suitable for a healthy lifestyle and prevent the development of civilization diseases and chronic ailments relating to nutrition.

The foods included significantly improve the life quality, because they are in line with the natural needs of human organism.

We definitely comply to THESE requirements!

-        Support and development of production and technological procedures during the production of our products, in order to decrease the number of elements negatively influencing the human organism

-        We process our foods considerately, in order to preserve as much natural nutritional value as possible

-        According to the recommendation of WHO (World Health Organization) we decrease the content of risk nutrients in our products, such as transfatty acids, unsaturated fats, salt and sugar

Every product included in this database is subjected to serious laboratory tests and must comply with strict limits.

You as client can rest assured that what you have in your hand is carefully tested and you certainly know, what you are eating!

Look for the unique, simple logo!

In 2015 we’ve added the following products to the I know what I’m eating team:

Fruit Bar Dr.Light Fruit Apple-banana

Fruit Bar Dr.Light Fruit Fruit mix

Fruit Bar Dr.Light Fruit Buckthorn

Fruit Bar Dr.Light Fruit Fen-berry-raspberry

…and we still carry on… we will have a strong fleet of powerful and healthy products!